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Do you suffer from a constant craving for condiments? Are your soles wearing thin from frequent t...
Black Bean & Quinoa Burger Recipe

Black Bean & Quinoa Burger Recipe

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a burger. But an hour after the meal, you might not always be able to take a nap. This vegan black bean and quinoa burger is a light but toothsome alternative...
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@beyoutifullydelicious calls these "disheveled eggs" 🐣 Bacon, scallions, and chipotle mayonnaise all atop a potato pancake

11189418 1637024173194901 1675422122 n


About to devour the bacon egg and cheddar @blackseedbagels with a bit of #sirkensingtons 🎈#eeeeeats

Baked Parsnip Fries Recipe

Baked Parsnip Fries Recipe

Fried is out; baked is in. At Sir Kensington's, we love experimenting with the many properties of root vegetables. Parsnips sweeten slightly when roasted and offer a satisfying crunch. A perfect ac...
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@barkhotdogs let the dogs out! 🐶 check out their new spot in Greenwich Village.

Root & Bone's Delicious Waffle Fries

Root & Bone's Delicious Waffle Fries

Chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth are the proprietors of Root & Bone. It's one of our favorite East Village restaurants, bringing the traditions and innovations of Southern food to New York C...
Announcing Sriracha Mayonnaise

Announcing Sriracha Mayonnaise

Greetings, fine ladies and gents! Doff your caps and hang your coats, let us chat about one of today's hottest topics. You've read about it in the news, you've discussed it at the coffee house, and...
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Do you take great food photos or know a friend who does? Raise your hand below or tag a friend. We are always looking for creative collaborators moving food culture forward!

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Throw your hands in the air if you like gruyere 🙌 @kimlmercado melts our heart @littleprincenyc #eeeeeats

We cut the mustard.

We cut the mustard.

It's true - great things come in threes. Today, we're proud to launch an offering that completes our classic condiment trifecta. Just in time for your summer barbecues, behold our brand new Dijon a...
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It's so easy being green 🐸@annarosepdx color coordinates with a little help from @smittenkitchen & #sirkensingtons sriracha mayonnaise

11111421 1552048431727684 933165413 n


You're the mustard to my pretzel 💛 @unionsquarepretzelco's goodies are made to be shared, tag someone you're excited to dip with this weekend.

11078511 1570063663255494 41912723 n


Is baby Quinn's ketchup game stronger than yours?

11142106 679911772120648 274376063 n


@eater just named @farmburger the burger to try NOW in SF, so we're celebrating with their cheddar & caramelized onion creation 🎉 #eeeeeats #eaterburgerweek

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Beets don't kale my vibe 🎤 Sir Kensington's invites you to #sweetlife, a festival of food and culture by @sweetgreen🍃 Come sample the sounds and sauces by following the link in our profile 🎫

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@paleofoodiekitchen serves up a stellar breakfast of grass-fed hot dog, fried egg, and cauliflower rice with some #sirkensingtons on the side 💯

1742328 1424456927856399 1966818956 n


Introducing our newest video series #burgersandbeats 🍔🎶 @Bareburger chef @andrew_sarda throws down the Hog Wild. Wild Boar patty topped with Pimento Cheese and fried onions 🐗 Turn up your sound 🔊 and tag a friend if it's getting "Hot 'n' Herre" 🔥 @derrtymo #sirkensingtons

1971399 975685102450356 1183766530 n


#commitment #goals 🍔

11137782 1582579112027302 1207674386 n


@lilmrswilson gets it. Caramelized onion, avocado, on a potato flax bun 🍔💯

10453987 1559875167612599 722221220 n


South Indian lentil fritters called "Ambodes" or "Masala Vada" paired here with a blend of our classic ketchup and tomato achaar by @brooklyndelhi 🐘

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Carbs are like Mondays, except delicious and we want them all the time. 🙆❤️🍞 #comfortfood

11117124 848285585239231 649923316 n


On Easter we go ham. 🐣 Cooked by the talented @jennymholland Inspired by @eggshopnyc

11084724 1576998835911473 1678198954 n


Happy Good Fry-Day 🍟🙌 @homefrite back @smorgasburg this weekend #friesb4guy

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Have you ever feasted on a frikadellen? A German burger with Oaxaca cheese in the middle! 📷: @cjammet #hamburgerasthebun

11098212 1012801165414284 231059436 n


Your main squeeze standing tall @coopersnyc

11101979 819966918039800 874410727 n


Meat us at #mightyquinnsbbq for brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork and crispy fries with #sirkensingtons 🐷🐮

11098489 608203222613036 1572081935 n


I freak, you freak, we all freak for #moulesfrites! Spread by @saucybynature

10553975 1574527719494540 1129573009 n


Macking on the Mac n Grilled Cheese @theamericanSF #eeeeeats

928635 1593867284184357 1155358683 n


We go wild for the "Wiki Wiki": wild boar, duck bacon, and that good good gouda 💃

11084631 1608132746069388 911175608 n


10 years ago Malcolm Gladwell wrote a piece for @newyorkermag about ketchup. Today, his farm to table restaurant in the @whitehart_inn serves SK with their delicious patty melt. Give a read to Gladwell's "The Ketchup Conundrum" in our profile and reflect on how the world has changed since then.

11056041 1623312827885025 1199716177 n


Steak Frites with #sirkensingtons on the side🍴📷: @mybelonging

11085146 1653574704863440 2061332117 n


Good til the last drop👇We're head over heels for @primalpalate

10522224 805292909551128 1224995175 n


Who's got beef? Sir Kensington's is partnering with the @brooklynbeefsteak, an "all you can eat, all you can drink, all you can stand" celebration of meat and food culture. 🍴🍻 See our profile for tickets to the New Orleans Beefsteak on March 29, and to see when it's coming to a city near you! Tag a friend in NOLA for the time of their life.

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Swimming in a sea of #sirkensingtons dijon crusted salmon thanks to our friends @kitchensurfing 🌊 To receive $25 off your first meal in Manhattan, click the link in our profile☝️#sirkitchensurfing

11055826 629652960498592 1985919111 n


That feeling when you move into the new crib and stock up on ALL the essentials.

10979620 1583582785192680 212487607 n


Jenny is Sriracha Mayo💓What #sirkensingtons condiment are you? See the link in our profile to take the quiz, created by our friends @kitchensurfing 🏄 #sirkitchensurfing

10954370 1619158321639753 1338313107 n


Let's be frank, the Tokyo dog @chezfranc is one of the best bites in the bay🍴🇯🇵

11049313 293741984129867 2002412404 n


A patriotic display by our friends @fredsmeatbread down in the ATL 🇺🇸🍗🍞

10995132 678074782304531 238423348 n


We are eggstremely eggcited it's Friday 😍 Best benedict @thecoffeeshopnyc

10832246 666459120150331 355319430 n


#TBT to our favorite black bean quinoa burger w/ parsnip fries by @loveandlemons #ancientgrains

10914690 1669698959924392 886228311 n


@seasonandsalt stacks up with cod, microgreens, and #sirkensingtons dijon & mayonnaise 🐠🌿🍞

11055751 334906723386381 2035153754 n


Let's twist again 🎶 composed by @eport18

11049363 1563793807201735 734650977 n


#sirkensingtons & yolks are a delicious and devious match 🐣 #deviledeggs by @dawn_stines

1739207 1556058928006488 284922194 n


@channingtatum knows his ketchup thanks to our friends @drinkruna 🙌

10958797 824246074315229 23872111 n


Rosemary fries with a side of burger @janerestaurant 😜 #fridayfryday by @mercici_

11032775 1577221992531158 524908508 n


Do you love food? Are you looking for a summer internship in NYC? If so, there may be a future for you @sirkensingtons ☎️ to learn more follow the link in our profile, or tag a friend who wants to move food forward 🎩

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Eyeing @thecolorfulkitchen's vibrant #vegan sandwich with #sirkensingtons dijon mustard

11005202 452334628258262 1603322288 n


No caffeine necessary: @adith1801 spreads a kick of chipotle mayo in the morning ☀️

10903649 1607468669476417 992972587 n


egg + greens + #sirkensingtons mayo = #paleo friendly bite by @veronicaculvernpb 🌿

924613 329205013956104 1769369540 n


@omarchris triumphs: pork, pea shoots, pickles, and #sirkensingtons classic mayo 💯 #eeeeeats #lostartofthesandwich

11023259 1565597330391747 2045644648 n


Some days you just need some me time #goodfats 💝Art by @charlottelovely

10995158 1631112650450481 759904672 n


Yolks on you if you aren't making @minichomps marvelous BLT #eeeeeats #lostartofthesandwich

10990603 1614712928750321 1388777725 n


@jennymichellely knows how to order @eurekahb

11008201 570579753044782 1728757108 n


Must cross salad river to climb fry mountain at #zunicafe 🚣🗻

10963845 322654394599451 1685205686 n


Welcome to the #UES, @wholefoodsnyc 🎉 #sirkensingtons is ready to pump you up! #local #movinonup

10958664 782217941844200 1863422356 n


@lexingtonbrass has got the condiment game on lock 🔒

10727376 393197354187498 1893889354 n


We came, we dipped, we pinned!📌 What are you whipping up on @Pinterest? Let's connect, link in profile 📮

11007851 1620064171550528 1510189122 n


This is everything (bagel). Soul sister @nycdining kills it with a little help from #sirkensingtons sriracha mayonnaise 💥

10990618 1536837859910957 1720830259 n


Happy Valentine's Day! 🍅

10953093 674034226041171 1440165621 n


@thefeistykitchen slays us with this superb slaw with #sirkensingtons dijon 💜

10986184 1544550405787070 139423499 n


The "Really Big Mac" by Djordje Ozbolt reminds us that love comes in all shapes and sizes 🍔💖

10986226 906233922760259 1054872511 n


Spreading some love on @adith1801's sandwich 💞

10995142 460593884089183 1838404231 n


We'd spend all of our loonies and toonies to indulge at the new @bareburger in Toronto with @burgersto

10952597 782777288478826 991286818 n


Celebrating #nationalbagelday with this creation by @omarchris topped with #sirkensingtons mayonnaise

10948901 1584391248474913 1112331016 n


@gottsroadside we say TGI FRY-DAY 📷 @hungryinla

10948350 1392824904359384 384458631 n


@minichomps keeps it simple. 🍅 + #sirkensingtons classic mayo + 🍞 = 😍

10946402 361279110723924 1650064218 n


@thatspaleo's #sirkensingtons egg salad journeys to the plate in lush lettuce 🐣🌿

10852791 1406308786336255 1263921021 n


🍟Feeling warm and fuzzy 🍔via @jessicadance_maker & @davidsykesphotography

10946348 768200559900687 88757531 n


🍟Feeling warm and fuzzy 🍔via @jessicadance_maker & @davidsykesphotography

10952550 886158148073972 1449558726 n


We'd like to get caught in "The Mousetrap" @theamericansf 🐭

10948466 354106411439130 1400488469 n


The @sirkensingtons team knows how to throw down at a sandwich showdown 🍞Thanks @applegate for the fantastic fillings ☺️

10522809 800273093388981 1528049182 n


@cleanfooddirtycity scores a touch down in time for #superbowlsundae with sweet potato fries and avocado dip with #sirkensingtons dijon 🏉

10932159 795521053829606 676186775 n


Waffle crush wednesday. @denimelon adds fire with our sriracha mayonnaise 🔥🐓

10946591 793104684114029 1243107158 n


Belgians do it better 🍟Grand prix of frites at #frjtz

10950503 802815149755348 817342781 n


We poached this post from @rachelbethnyc 🐣 life changing avocado toast spread with #sirkensingtons dijon mustard

10914503 754646884604060 421309262 n


Sir Sauce-A-Lot. @emilyblincoe spells it out 🍔 Where my burger lovers at? 🙋#ilikebigbuns #icannotlie

10914401 338673442992186 1451763367 n


Eureka strikes gold in California 🌟 @eurekahb burgers and #sirkensingtons by @hungryinla

10950387 310887179121156 1315394936 n


@samifreemanmusic spices up #sirkensingtons with herbs, a buoyant bath for her steamed rosemary artichoke 🍀💚

10903336 894151570624393 784503061 n


Can you tame the beast?👹Southern style buttermilk fried bacon, 10oz of beef, and crispy tater tots. We present the infinitely satisfying #badassburger from @baddaddys_burgerbar 🍔 #eeeeeats

10895268 719592468162190 177849320 n


On Sunday we do the dumpling dance 💃 @mimichengs #brunchdumplings #EastMeetsWest

10898958 1532555450355894 1482790607 a


Lunchtime with @loveandlemons 😋 Beautiful banh mi with Sriracha and #SirKensingtons mayo.

10899024 424668921016882 1464756330 a


Want some burger with that ketchup? @gottsroadside Western Bacon Blue Ring burger with a healthy dose of #sirkensingtons 🍅

10932300 938147546219599 953416304 a


@foodandfrenchies is a regular Earl of Sandwich 👑 #sirkensingtons #lostartofthesandwich

10553997 763981577019301 1146368777 a


Table for one @thesmithnyc #dinelikeasir 🍴

10914352 1388772571425686 1823242375 a


@taleitalei's egg sandwich ain't no yolk 🍳 #eeeeeats #yolkporn

10890856 1587522708150223 1913362918 a


Need a piece of #friesofnewyork for your personal collection? Click the @society6 link in our profile for select prints 👾✨

10899034 1535853496690639 1426147306 a


Catch me with the California Ketchup King Burger swimming in avocado 🏄 #burgerofthemonth at Ohio favorite @flipside_easton

10919702 1485536098359854 2026737229 a


@feelgoodfoodie shows us how to upgrade our fry situation 🍟Try out her daikon fries and #sirkensingtons honey mustard dip 🏊

10919710 1396499907315458 1800658573 a


Ketchup and cheese #jaffles. It's what's for breakfast. @sweatshop_nyc ☕️🐨🏦

10899257 921520604525626 244236758 a


New year, new burger to ❤️ Resolve to try this tasty creation @townhallsf 🚋

10895166 673930456038472 1113389766 a


🔊Turn up your sound and enjoy this video created by a superfan to ring in the New Year. 🙏 An enormous THANK YOU to everyone in the Sir Kensington's community - fans, customers, grocers, restaurants, suppliers, and creative collaborators for an amazing year and many more to come 💯✨🎉🎏

10894912 800358196702001 1556038983 a


Brunch dumpling special with #SirKensingtons by our friends @mimichengs 🍳🔥 Featuring free-range scrambled eggs, maple breakfast sausage, and topped with "everything" seasoning their January special brunch dumpling debuts New Year's Day. 🎆

10860134 362182587297900 692262308 a


Christmas cheer from @zztop's guitarist @billytopgibbons 🎸🎄 #beardvibes

10608084 883857558300859 1732299459 a


A sweet christmas surprise from @madwell 🎩🍪🎄

10865008 316214165242048 541529 a


Put an egg on it. ☕️@thecoffeeshopnyc #eeeeeats

10831793 383452851822211 424048575 a


Crowing cock-a-doodle-doo for the chicken salad sandwich at #roostertailsf 🐓

10848476 643316185772440 1160586194 a


@cleanfooddirtycity whips up a winter solstice salad with tangy tamari and #sirkensingtons dijon dressing 🌳 Find the recipe in profile 📃

10848085 1517288398556121 1762614334 a


Twisted potatoes and smashed burgers @twistandsmashdsports ⚽️ Game night tonight in Astoria #eeeeeats #classifry #sirkensingtons

10852903 1757470591144777 437024568 a


'Tis the seasoning to give the gift of good taste 🎁 Today only, receive 20% off our ketchup and mustard quartet using the code "SKholiday". Link in profile.

10838482 552755071527732 892027870 a


We like our veggies on the side @flipside_easton 🌿Here's the Mikey Burger now proudly paired with #sirkensingtons 🍅

10838294 570639859732717 1180114392 a


Thanks to all who got sauce for their special someones at the #saveurholiday social 🎁@saveurmag

10818025 388051681350729 2100680776 a


The Americana Burger at @causwells in San Francisco 🇺🇸🍔 Nothing says Saturday brunch like crispy onions.

10838832 815983985130080 1255149969 a


Roasted brussels sprouts festooned with pepperoni and sriracha mayonnaise by @thefeistykitchen 🔥#sirkensingtons

10354580 1517967171811514 1789842170 a


Tasting freedom in Dallas ⭐️ Give me @libertyburger or let me starve! 🍔

10520341 872850719400789 1064852714 a


Club sandwich going up, on a Tuesday ☝️Turkey pancetta club by @tomauratoday with #sirkensingtons 🎶

10848446 353303634849120 1294801729 a


@benhulet's catch of the day 🐟 Have you tried tuna salad with #sirkensingtons mayo?

10831702 867055896671894 1109268043 a


Lunch vibes by @marissamags wrapping up #artbasel at #thesurflodgemiami. 🌊 #abmb

10848358 1530970907150145 1116226626 a


Shoestring potatoes at #zunicafe photobombed by yours truly. 📷by @msahmad

10817650 640501772739775 1141663732 a


Introducing "The Lost Art of the Sandwich," where we profile creative people and their lunches 🍞 Here is @davidssnaps pork belly on ciabatta, link in our profile for the full story 📚 Photos by @ennischung #sirkensingtons #lostartofthesandwich

10843668 537759666326733 1014616456 a


Read between the buns: sweetbreads, duck confit, and a BLT @americanwhiskeynyc 🇺🇸 #eeeeeats

10693687 418221131665999 199436087 a


This dog will make you wagyu tail 👅 @bourbonsteakpub by @chefmichaelmina #eeeeeats

10838353 1500353820227172 658646163 a


Currently craving the Give/Melt by @theadamkatz slathered in our Sriracha Mayo. Loved being the condiment of choice at the Leftovers Special this weekend, brought to you by @putaeggonit and @saladforpresident 😛🍗

10817741 352223601623149 486321043 a


Genius Thanksgiving afterglow sandwich by @acozykitchen 💡 Recipe on her blog today featuring a cranberry infusion of #sirkensingtons mayo🍗

10362313 585867801559116 2124880659 a


White out ☁️ Declaration of a mayo lover by @goeatyourbeets

10784850 739274002824821 1054552611 a


Thanks @katzsdeli 🍞 Now time for a "katz nap" 😴😻

10817627 642818205829480 309651389 a


@foodandfrenchies reminds us that you're never too old to eat grilled cheese.😛 This gooey sammy features @sirkensingtons mayo. #eeeeeats

10802502 1542758385966547 347097168 a


Up close and personal with this beauty of a burger @bgoodraleigh_nc 🍔

10784996 1562760617286264 1015494919 a


Brunch like a champion @thecoffeeshopnyc

10748080 1513626788892309 659424347 a


Prince Charming can wait ✨ #friesb4guys

10787757 816148048447752 1602900921 a


Stupendous shot by @margoandme 💁She knows how to lunch in style at #chateaumarmont. 💎🍴

10817902 367572540075990 6821686 a


Catch #sirkensingtons in @newyorkermag Talk of the Town this week, link in profile. #highbrow

10809845 605115632925944 1443192383 a


Flashback fry-day. @ketchupking in deep-fried thought. #friesofnewyork #fbf

914808 711185892298545 2005382718 a


Brussels Sprouts & Kale Caesar Salad with a Sir Kensington's dijon dressing by the goddess of greens @tallulahalexandra 🍃 #ingoodtaste #sirkensingtons

10784954 720231788053001 1090414331 a


@martinspretzels takes a dip 🏊thanks to @brooklynbrewery for playing matchmaker at the brewmaster reserve this week 🍻#sirkensingtons #ingoodtaste

10787810 725785244180642 1523451535 a


#classifry this classy fry 💎 Crispy on the outside with an airy interior, Cherche Midi's pomme soufflée by @imakedinner 🇫🇷 Thanks for joining us at #friesofnewyork this weekend

10735402 1508599676086551 998023618 a


Which type are you, anfranctus or cuneus? Remember to #classifry next time you enjoy some tasty spuds #⃣🍟#friesofnewyork

1530690 298295600365579 666140843 a


Visit us at #friesofnewyork 💯🍟🔍Open until 8pm today at 168 Bowery. Pictured here: the platonic ideal of a curly fry sourced from NYC favorite @papayaking 🗽

10735016 617729605002592 414264692 a


Brilliant photo of #friesofnewyork by @trendsontrends_ The exhibit opens today at 11am at 168 Bowery, come peruse the many potato preparations!

10802694 295416967335088 767680384 a


Not exactly a fry, but a close relative. Meet @pjclarkes tater tot shot by @nancyborowick for #nytimes. See it in the flesh tomorrow and Saturday at #friesofnewyork at 168 Bowery #classifry

10735383 743465465748145 949815285 a


Put your nose up to the phone and give a sniff. 🗿 That's the elusive Burgundy truffle featured in #friesofnewyork this weekend. Along with white truffle oil and truffle salts, graciously loaned by @urbanitruffles, it's one of the most prized fry complements you'll see at the exhibition.

10784850 835882903121022 1356363352 a


🍟HOW TO #CLASSIFRY🍟 1⃣ Take a picture of your favorite fry 2⃣ Tag #classifry and @sirkensingtons to contribute 3⃣ The most unique fries will be featured as highlights in the archive #friesofnewyork

10632313 1524210144462492 2085544219 a


Truffled Thick Cut Chip by @theeastpole. Duck fat, truffle oil, chives, and parmesean distinguish this marvelous fry #friesofnewyork #classifry

10507790 310267359177644 329225175 a


The Angry Cowboy @jacksprime is a home run⚾️cheddar cheese + applewood smoked bacon + onion ring = meal fit for a #worldseries city 🍔

1598932 645434558907594 1306894161 a


Barney's Tested, Zombie Approved 💀💚 #spookysauce

10731423 355481267947889 1920271666 a


Exhibit 32📜Behold the elusive and unique twisted potato conceived by @twistandsmashd Think you can handle it? 😯#classifry #friesofnewyork

10735471 589743481151842 757168407 a


🎉Sir Kensington's invites you to to explore #friesofnewyork, next weekend only 🗽🍟#classifry

10729292 711505208931888 1571970052 a


Trick or treat?🎃Dress up as Sir Kensington for Halloween👻share a pic📷and we'll hook you up with a condiment care package🎁

10735010 722168567863233 703563808 a


Blue Sky or Cultivated Garden?🌈🌻Both burgers @brgr hit the spot, along with their onion hay and killer milkshakes 🍨#grassfed #sirkensingtons #ingoodtaste

10735539 1495390194062654 103108461 a


Curly fries and friday vibes ✨ West coasting @barneyshamburgers in SF 🍔#eeeeeats #sirkensingtons #ingoodtaste

10731596 731299966962524 437959064 a


Clucking delicious chicken salad crafted by @primalpalate 🐔with our Classic Mayonnaise🍴#ingoodtaste #sirkensingtons

10731866 700936426661106 11151423 a


But first, let me take a #shelfie 💁📱

10723878 1510866422518034 1751344852 a


#ketchupproblems 🍅❓

10735453 926262050734828 5569516 a


A mouthful @farmburger in the ATL 😋 #ingoodtaste #sirkensingtons

10724964 1524267887813108 514429892 a


Who let the dogs out? Sir Kensington let the dogs out 🐶 #ketchupart

10731904 284495451741175 2102182949 a


Due to recent changes in Colorado legislation, we have seen a massive increase in the consumption of Larkburgers and Sir Kensington's 😛 @larkburger now proudly serves our delicious Ketchup and Spicy Brown Mustard! #sirkensingtons #larkburger #munchies #eeeeeats 🍔🍅😋🌿

10520411 326345890900613 1430350745 a


Seeking a healthy halloween costume? Introducing🍃KALE CAESAR🍃complete with our classic mayonnaise. Also edible via recipe linked in our profile📜 #kaleyeah #ingoodtaste

10735478 1553615904870173 1401332571 a


Fried chicken sandwich with collard green slaw, photo by @enniseats🍗🐔#sirkensingtons #ingoodtaste #eeeeeats

10729195 370851109736568 2132128021 a


Poached, fried, or hard boiled? 🍳This is your brain on sauce. Shout out to @alexestrada who devils an egg like a pro, with some help from #sirkensingtons #ingoodtaste

10725043 1515476045365536 1214905099 a


Devil went down to Georgia 🍑and got eaten by this burger at @oakstcafe 😈#ingoodtaste

10727278 298285937037268 749082024 a


Did anyone else receive a #delicata squash in their CSA this week from @justfoodnyc? @thecheatingvegan shows us how it's done🍠 #ingoodtaste

10725011 376398702485278 1035407224 a


The 80s called, they want #sirkensingtons 🍔🍟Totally tubular scene made by the seat makers @woouf

915613 734530696626345 155609990 a


Getting saucy for sweet potato season🍂What's your favorite #sirkensingtons pairing? #ingoodtaste

10661239 788246961237454 1971634583 a


A splendid spread by @flavourarchive weekending @wfmbrooklyn with a side of #sirkensingtons

10693274 468877009921254 244611162 a


Perfect Match #suprisedelivery #ingoodtaste 🔥🎩

10693311 352469998253215 413999632 a


This is how we do it. Burger stacked with cheddar and billionaire bacon @navynewyork 🍔😁#eeeeeats #ingoodtaste #nationalcheeseburgerday

10655104 649059308542372 317575068 a


Can you name our 90s condiment crush? #wcw

925958 257924574416945 864678294 a


Please do not feed the bears...anything except #sirkensingtons 🐻🍔@bareburger #ingoodtaste #bearygood #ilovegrass

10693744 264621866995011 1809198381 a


It's a rare treat for Sir Kensington's to grace a plate of sushi 🍱🍣 Regram from @lexiscleankitchen who adds sriracha + cayenne to our Classic Mayo for an added kick 🔥🎏 Thanks Lexi! #ingoodtaste

10661042 1630182133874710 1420809524 a


Spicy Brown Mustard enjoying the surf and sand on Cape Cod ⚓️☀️🌊 Where do you take your #sirkensingtons?

10576231 709188372461780 262167228 a


Would you like some fries with that ketchup? We think yes, especially if they're from @thegeneralmuir ❤️Kudos to @ultraepicure for this solid shot #eatsomething #kensingtonquality

10576158 712505255465179 2056003358 a


Do you follow our condiment crush @againstallgrain?🚫🌾👸Here's her Tuna Salad dressed with our mayonnaise, apples and pumpkin seeds provide a coveted crunch #glutenfree #paleo #mealsmadesimple #againstallgrain #sirkensingtons

891492 534057880058325 718567091 a


There are two kinds of people in this world, which one are you? via @pleatedjeans 🍟🍟

10684005 862723137079080 1011904520 a


It's Monday. You deserve this. ☺️🍔 Brought to you by your friends at #SirKensingtons and @flatironhallnyc #tgim #eeeeeats

10539175 1470877986513947 644463043 a


"The Boss Burger" @TheNiceGuyLA loved by @Eater tastes even better at the invite-only "Mafia Table" 💣🍔😇 #niceguysfinishtheirburgers #sirkensingtons @hwoodgroup

925064 743746649019588 1262462393 a


Lobster + #sirkensingtons Classic Mayonnaise + Tarragon = a lovely luncheon brought to you by @thegreenfisch a masterful #condimentcollaboration indeed 🎩

10665613 734502259951078 1464398408 a


There's one restaurant that serves Sir Kensington's outside the US. Anyone know where it is? Behold the Iron Lady Burger behind the scenes @theflyingelk 🐂🍔 by @bjornfrantzen #theironladyburger #kensingtonquality

10608096 427070930767617 609402409 a


Orange you glad to it's still French Fry season? 🍟🍊@thesavorypantry whipped up these sweet taters and paired them with our Chipotle Mayo. #sirkensingtons #frenchfriesarealwaysinseason #fritefreak

10661214 721602824542744 1758626011 a


Regram from @chef_brandon_duley of @theritzcarlton Marina Del Ray. He's got our mouths watering for harissa encrusted scallops with lime emulsion and bacon vinaigrette, made with our mayo and mustard. 🐚🐷🌿🍯#truecooks #castandplow #sirkensingtons

10540492 1451854545103174 416775329 a


Thanks @harrys for today's #ownyouram feature on Five O'Clock magazine, chronicling #sirkensingtons co-founder @swhnorton on a hike in the Arctic Circle 👨🌍🌌 Link in profile for more.

10608029 1462611300686323 256214719 a


What's on the menu for Labor Day weekend? Nothing beats a beet burger topped with #SirKensingtons by @tallulahalexandra of In My Bowl. 🌿♥️🌿Check out her Plant Eater's guide to make it yourself👅💦#sirkensingtons #kensingtonquality #ifyoucantbeetemjoinem #inmybowl #rawgust

10518142 1481063805483423 1181550612 a


UFOP: Unidentified Flying Oyster Po'boy, a scrumptious snack served up this week by @epicroasthouse in SF 👽🐚🌉#foodintheair #eeeeeats

10593240 1519605654917743 579554671 a


Green Chile Cheeseburger or Texas Avocado? 🍔❓🍔 Your call @gottsroadside - now offering #SirKensingtons across Northern California! #gottsroadside ⛽️

10601825 1527690477461744 156440542 a


Layers of perfection by @timeoutnewyork along with @themeathook @gothamgreens @rickspicksnyc @rccheese1933 @pelzerspretzels 📰🙏 #sirkensingtons

10611107 1467439230173847 1525833547 a


Competitive eating champ @kobayashitakeru stops by for a quick bite. Want ketchup with that, Kobi? 🍔😛 #qualitymeetsquantity #小林尊 #sirkensingtons

10601825 1467141450229793 1469082516 a


Sir Kensington's founders, hard at work. 👦👨🎩 Photo by the talented @meredithjenks

10593509 321283561374223 964627281 a


Double tap if you ❤️ tater tots. Unless your hands are greasy from eating tater tots, then triple tap! 😋😬 Props to @pjclarkes for these parmesan-dusted beauties. #pjclarkes #sirkensingtons #kensingtonquality

10601837 745356615538100 2018261178 a


How do you repurpose your SK jars? ♻️🍅♻️Hit us with your best DIY shot at #sirkensingtons to share your resourceful creativity.

10624290 270368396495753 1325787684 a


A pretzel picnic fit for Sir Kensington, complements of @unionsquarepretzelco and @markzablow #eeeeeats #wakenbake #aintnolye

10523504 1490138331230625 2005519334 a


Comb your mustache and polish your pearls for this weekend's @jazzagelawnparty on Governor's Island. @jimmysno43 is whipping up vintage eats served with our timeless condiments 👉 #jazzagelawnparty 👈#sirkensingtons

10597395 260036787526042 486447350 a


Thanks to our friends @tattly for the new ink! 💪🎩 The question you want to "tri" some, or do you want to "bi" some? #YouAreWhatYouEat #sirkensingtons

10593302 1479159352342225 1265242276 a


Headed on vacation this August? Snap a pic of #sirkensingtons in an exotic locale for a chance to be featured. 📷✈️ Here, a jar has made it to Sweden's arctic circle for a hike on the #Kungsleden! 🌄

10593429 713717905349272 936759926 a


Open wide 😛 @friedmanslunch #ImNamingMyFirstBornReuben #KensingtonQuality #sirkensingtons

10525491 1462884783969645 827595932 a


'Twas a battle of the burgers, Sir Kensington kept the troops in line with plentiful pumps🏰 Thanks to @timeout and @amstellight for hosting!

10598626 1510350759183273 698896993 a


We are huge fans of the scrumptious scribbles of @anapjpd 🍟🎨 Thanks for the hand-drawn love! #CondimentCreativity #SirKensingtons

10561165 810823292284955 1134461065 a


We're so fancy, we already know. 💁You can now enjoy Sir Kensington's at the @NewYorkPalace! #RoomWithaView #RoomService #KensingtonQuality

10598546 669106619832611 561378739 a


Mighty glad we stopped in for an afternoon delight at Mighty Quinn's BBQ. Visit them at their newest location in the West Village for more finger lickin' goodness! #KensingtonQuality #SouthernComfort

10549880 279140628956757 251389524 a


Never fully dressed without a smile 😋🍅🍔🍴

F8dc4072199611e484f290e2ba651e28 6


@Refinery29 thinks you need to try our "crazy-awesome" Sriracha Mayo. Now, what are you waiting for? The newest member of the Sir Kensington's family is NOW available for purchase at Whole Foods and on our website. Your taste buds will never know what hit 'em 🔥 #SirKensingtons #SpiceUpYourLife

10533278 760419094018307 2119250025 a


Our fans are becoming condiment connoisseurs, and we couldn't be more proud. This week's selection of Sir Kensington's Condiment Collaborations features delectable photos by: @melsyh @omarchris @aj_dc Keep cookin' and keep taggin' #sirkensingtons

1208426 796639767034377 241932723 a


Ready your defenses for a battle of epically delicious proportions - The Battle of the Burger, that is. 🍔🔪🏆Sir Kensington's is proud to be the condiment sponsor of this year's burger showdown presented by @TimeOutNewYork on August 7th. Get your hungry paws on tickets here:

10520384 627929380647514 799138171 a


Behold the Scotch Egg, an eggcellent way to begin an elegant lunch @TheEastPole. #WeLoveaGoodScotch #KensingtonQuality #sirkensingtons

10554259 1518864075011065 934691732 a


Condiments are cruising to the capital 🚗 Sir Kensington's is delighted to announce that we will be getting saucy @TheEmporiyum this November along with @pqui @momomilkbar and @mastbrothers. Tickets here:

10488773 899712380058358 335988665 a


A carnivore's delight! 🍔Feasting on the Bacon Cheeseburger and Duck Fat Chips @thefatradish #KensingtonQuality #SirKensingtons

10475166 501401109993184 2046743876 a


We'll all dress in tomato costumes...when condiments fly. 🍅🐖 Follow "sirkensingtons" on the new @PHHOTO app #PHHHOTO #SirKensingtons

10554004 1444152882524682 1306648684 a


Winner winner, show us your dinner! Another installment of Sir Kensington's Condiment Collaborations 🎩👌 Stay saucy and keep tagging #sirkensingtons Great work: @umamilife @the_simple_taste @diaryofapowermom @karaleitschah

10499277 668414916560916 1203123745 a


Up, up, and away - SIR K! 🎈🎩#NewMarketingStrategy #SirKensingtons

10472035 487838621360900 1286713500 a


Bros before GMOs.🌱💪 At Sir Kensington's, wieners are no laughing matter. Thanks @oppdx #SirKensington's

927735 1444024615860633 350663432 a


Hats off to @hamiltonvodka for the pink peppercorn potables last night. A pairing of perfect piquancy. 🎩 A spirit pure and rare indeed! 🍸#goHAM #sirkensingtons

10413201 253833278160903 774813174 a


Thanks for the shoutout @pharrell! 🙏 Proud to represent the "Other" 🎩🎤 @iamOther #TheSameisLame #SirKensingtons

10546856 255355384674903 1183143288 a


Do you suffer from condiment addiction? Today we launch our subscription service to cure what ails you. Follow the link in our profile to sign up for recurring shipments - first 10 to order win a handsome hat! 🔁🎩🔁 Save money by subscribing and never be want for condiments again! 👌🍅

10546598 581443925308595 896947935 a


Who's the sauciest of them all? Announcing Sir Kensington's Condiment Collaborations, our fan appreciation series🏆📷 Tag your photos #sirkensingtons to be featured next! Thanks to: @flametofork @meresnuttykitchen @jordantooheycarignan @frompastatopaleo for this week's recipes.

10467852 660963433993119 949080859 a


Make sauce, sell sauce, get sauced. Snaps from the Sir Kensington's annual team barbecue ♨️🍹🍅

10554187 423317324477877 667435025 a


What does dedication look like? When two of our biggest fans run a triathlon, it's only natural that they do so in a tomato costume and a "Best for your Wurst" shirt. @mleebarlow and @mahohno crushing personal records in style. 🏆🏃🍯🍅 #getyourgamedijon #weforgivetheuglyshoes

10431883 762469200472393 495351284 a


Restaurant authority @zagat declares Sir Kensington's the winner of their blind taste test! 🙌🏆😊 Watch the results unfold in their video linked in profile 🎥

10547010 1451294251788812 1249463645 a


Get sauced for National French Fry Day this Sunday @petiteabeillenyc. Bountiful cones of Belgian frites and Sir Kensington's cast of condiments await! #nationalfrenchfriesday #eeeeeats 🎨🍟

10522217 708778129183374 1787648070 a


Now arriving in Brooklyn 🐣@goodeggsnyc knows good eggs. A key ingredient in our mayo, ours are humane and cage free. Sir Kensington's now available for delivery on 💻👍 Photo by @renyags

925558 577381005711893 1272495985 a


Do you want fries with that? Yes please! And beer battered onion rings. Oh, and don't forget the Sir Kensington's. #EEEEEATS at #MayfieldBakery in Palo Alto @bacchusmanagementgroup

10522180 663667800377520 302608225 a


Southern delights in NYC's East Village at newly minted @rootnbonenyc. Sweet-tea-brined crispy fried chicken and waffle fries with a side of #sirkensingtons by @chefjaninebooth and @chefmcinnis 🐔🍗🔥🇺🇸#freerange #bucketofbird #EEEEEATS

10513768 533261886774517 203392169 a


Do you like our Chipotle Mayonnaise as much as @Oprah does? Up your spice game with @OprahMagazine in this month's issue 🔥💁🙌

10326635 781236228575011 1011249175 a


Fancy some surf n' turf? A lobster roll with our Classic Mayo perhaps? Friends of Sir Kensington's digging in at our Fancy Food Show after party last night. Thanks to @bfbhighline @chefmitchellbfb @homaruslobster @theowlsbrew @caledoniaspirits for a great time!

928307 1426344094314677 724816246 a


Get your claws on this! @LobsterJoint 🌊⚓️ #KensingtonQuality #Infatuationsummer #eeeeeats

10424589 1433191603622462 1141314181 a


Big match right now in the @FIFAworldcup ⚽️ #teamusa and #teamgermany face off 🇩🇪🇺🇸 Who will reign victorious? The ketchup kings or the mustard monarchs? 🏆

10362289 599044026876055 314743984 a


Team lunch @shakeshack 🍴 Sir Kensington's policy: B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own condiments)💡Only four more days left for the special #NewYorkDog #eeeeeats

10467773 1432974590299963 1994024039 a


The British are coming! 🎩🌍 For years now, you've been asking if we ship overseas. Today we're thrilled to announce that @vitacost can rocket our condiments all over the globe. Link in our profile to get sauced from Sweden to Swaziland and beyond #aroundtheworldin80jars

10507923 289258247914854 713941437 a


Medium Rare Beauty. @thesmithnyc 🍔💁#isntshelovely #eeeeeats

925523 585968998182255 1701588033 a


Launching today @ShakeShack ! The #NewYorkDog with our Spicy Brown Mustard🍯First 50 patrons get a free jar and handsome #BestforYourWurst T-Shirt designed by @alvindiec printed by @rowapparel #everyonesawiener #wholetthedogsout #shakeshack 🗽

10483359 229578430585800 1380446806 a


We've teamed up with our friends @hellofresh to bring you some classic BBQ grilled chicken made with @sirkensingtons ketchup for your 4th 🇺🇸🎉 Let freedom wing!! 🔔

10499082 1420071718275718 1327070577 a


Get ready to wag your tail at these daring dogs! @sirkensingtons and @shakeshack team up to present the "New York Dog" for a limited time at the Battery Park City #ShakeShake debuting THIS FRIDAY! The first 50 lucky patrons of the winning wiener will receive this commemorative t-shirt and a jar of our Spicy Brown Mustard. #mustlovedogs #newyorkdog #decadeofshack 🍞🐶🍞😍🇺🇸🗽🍯

923646 1463315447240443 1600126288 a


We'd like to thank the condiment academy. Our feisty Chipotle Mayonnaise has been nominated for a 2014 sofi award by @craftcarejoy 🏆🎉🎁#SFFS14 #sofiawards #craftcarejoy #thankthelittlepeople #wearethelittlepeople

10483459 896306370384981 1948527017 a


Behind the scenes @bfbhighline 🍔 The humble hamburger bun is the perfect palette for @chefMitchellBFB's "The Kramer" 🎨 Cinematic photography by @Heathmg #gravitas #55gansevoort

10413009 665157580204094 86652809 a


I mustache you a question - have you ever seen such scrumptious looking staches? Spicy Brown Mustard Cheestaches by @yesmoreplease For more check out the link in her profile.

10471933 641059199326816 275821150 a


West coast oysters and Sir Kensington's cocktail sauce @fishsausalito - now that's an aphrodisiac. Shucking delicious 🐚🎩🍋 🌉

10453957 1442156856038706 242224079 a


A Sir Kensington's Indoor Picnic thanks to our friends @bareburger 🍴🍔🍟👌🐻 #EEEEEATS

914387 829174493779105 1015547188 a


We dub this combination "The Old Man and the Sea" 👴🐟 An unexpectedly delicious combination of ketchup and catfish tacos @coastatl1 down in the #ATL

10454202 847200108626881 385173621 a


Time to get your #summerbody on. Chef Taylor Neary @breakshit of @opulentroswell sports a #sirkensingtons cap at #crossfit 💦💪👊 #swag

10424417 711467988914873 345576099 a


Popped over for to @wholefoodsnyc for a bite at the #boweryburger now replete with @sirkensingtons condiments 🍔🍟🎩 #grassfed #eeeeeats #wholefoods #sirkensingtons

927056 790902437611286 969589513 a


Office Dress Code: Business...Casual 🎩👕🍅

917109 327094444107899 143155535 a


The best way to battle a case of the Mondays is with this stack of Mustardy Grilled Cheese featuring our Spicy Brown Mustard. Recipe, styling, and photo by the talented @crepesofwrath Check out her blog 📝for more, link in her profile.

10358190 786116824739272 147751759 a


BBQ brisket sandwich with pickled red onion and cabbage slaw @66smokehouse. 🚙⛽️🇺🇸 the two key ingredients? Salt and time. 🔥 #Eeeeeats #stonestreet

917092 603183153123085 400730541 a


In response to unwavering demand, we are proud to present the Sir Kensington's party shirt. Perfect for poolside swagger and for keeping you looking #crispy at summer BBQs. ♨️ Made possible by our friends @printalloverme 🍒 get 'em while they're hot via link in our profile. #condimentsarealwaysinseason

10326581 240334859497575 361560673 a


Both of these fingers belong to @phoebelapine, and one of them she pairs with our new dijon mustard. Learn how to make this #glutenfree kid's menu classic on her blog, #feedmephoebe 🐔☝️ link in her profile

10326450 290583604441718 1581145682 a


We're about to try something new: drink ketchup and dip the fries in beer! Will report back 😜🍔🍺#sirkensingtons #meehansvinings

10311087 1471086033128747 1638560093 a


Nothing to start the #memorialday weekend like a bottle of white and a bottle of red! Courtesy of our friends at @onehopewine #perfectpairing

10369371 741122119264715 1413696574 a


Breakfast in bed has never looked so good 🍴🌼Launching today in Vegas's premiere boutique hotel @cromwellvegas with food by @giadadelaurentiis @giadavegas #comeforthefun #stayforthecondiments #thecromwell #giadavegas @draislv

10387935 1427891340807011 1635881831 a


Like the looks of this mustard-topped bacon-wrapped fillet by @paleomg? We've teamed up with her and are giving away three condiment four packs to whomever comments with the best mustard recipe idea below by tomorrow at midnight! 💡🏆#thebestforyourwurst #eeeeeats 🍯

10375817 1440195122898453 628494984 a


Behold the bacon and onion ring glory of the sky high "Supreme" by our friends @bareburger - one of the first to offer our award winning spicy brown mustard 🐻🍔🍯#bareburger #sirkensingtons #dietfood #eeeeeats

10326609 296132570547322 282022971 a


The timelessly chic @townandcountrymag features our Dijon & herb roast lamb recipe, styled and shot by @crepesofwrath 🐑🍴#eeeeeats // recipe on

10387983 304795432978316 1414828375 a


Some beats to inspire the weekend 🔮 Listen to #SirKensington's mustard party mix by DJ @zachseely on @soundcloud recorded live @riffraffsnyc 🔊 Free download link in profile 💽

914724 671800266202248 1779361898 a


#tbt to when this sandwich existed five minutes ago ⌚️Famous roasted turkey sandwich from @BalthazarNYC bakery made with #SirKensingtons Classic Mayonnaise 🍞🎩😋

10268868 635694063171795 518423108 a


Debuting today: The Best for your Wurst! Sir Kensington's Spicy Brown and Dijon mustards. 🎩 Award winning 🏆#nongmo 💛#paleo 💪 Link to buy in profile ↗️ #sirkensingtons

914327 702407509820592 1332939068 a


We're preparing to launch something big tomorrow. Think you can guess what it is❓Be the first to guess correctly and we'll send it your way. Hint: It's not a party shirt...yet 🎷🎉

929317 703989539657348 1646444614 a


You don't need to be a genius to understand the theory of condiment relativity💡: #sirkensingtons > #basicketchup Einstein's Restaurant in Atlanta 👴🔬🍅

10349582 641743229234309 1492647899 a


Our friends @sweetgreen host @sweetlifefest this Saturday and we're providing condiments! Most excited for @lanadelrey @chromeo and @hairweavekiller #2chainz - what about you? #sweetlife2014 #sweetgreen #turnup #eatyourgreens

10254252 608384555935904 974689066 a


There is one holiday PERFECT for wordplay with our chipotle mayonnaise. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! 🔥💃🍹 #sirkensingtons

1172515 1411514549123813 905022501 a


Our friends @homaruslobster present #lobsterdemayo this weekend hosted by @katieleekitchen and we're proud to be the condiment sponsor. Food by @abckitchen @lavony @themonarchroom @pjclarkes and more. Link to buy tickets in profile. 🔖 #rawbar #lobster #allyoucanclaw

926158 695223873874139 1369290292 a


Ahoy mateys! Hot and crispy vanilla porter battered Fish and Chips with #sirkensingtons mayonnaise in the tartar sauce @zealrestaurant in #atlanta⛵️🐟 #apirateslifeforme #eeeeeats

1169177 1386154151625863 2025205176 a


"Eve is gonna love this." #tbt #Michelangelo #creation #DiningAlFresco 🎨

10254071 1500103796876486 103722519 a


Behold the Burger Bangle bracelet from @honeyee_com 🍔Some #armcandy @nycdining @luxirare and @burgerbabez would enjoy 😉🙋#biginjapan

10268736 758682380842722 845972649 a


Breakfast @PerrysSF 🍳/ They say San Francisco is famous for its sourdough bread. I come for that, but I stay for the #irishcoffee and #sirkensingtons ketchup 🍞☕️🍅

1171720 1573739879518601 1505923212 a


Mysteriously my sandwich spacecraft has crash landed on planet Onion Ring. The atmosphere is crunchy and delicious. Maybe being captured by aliens won't be so bad. 👽Other-worldly chicken sandwich @lbsteakSantanaRow #SirKensingtons #EEEEEATS 😋

1663167 1460927077477351 312942160 a


Vive "Le Royal" burger @RN74_sf by @chefmichaelmina and chef @asobel // Feast fit for a king with a knightly sauce 👑🎩🍔🍟🍅 #burger #rn74 #sanfrancisco 🌉

10299691 1440348262877925 2095453385 a


Happy Easter! It looks like one of our cage-free eggs grew a stache!🐰 💝

20df0eaac6fa11e3b4ed0002c954ec1e 6


All hail the Brasserie Burger @bluestemsf in San Francisco // grass-fed beef, bacon-leek marmalade, and kennebec fries with a side of #sirkensingtons 😋🍔🍟

D19dafa2c59311e3b88a24be05cf9d60 6


If you see this sign at a restaurant, strongly consider ordering the hamburger. Mid century illustration by graphics czar @alvindiec #newagefunwithavintagefeel

2f13dc24c3f011e3b62b0002c9da27ec 6


Looking for some Monday recipe inspiration? @loveandlemons whips up #vegan #glutenfree black bean quinoa burgers with baked parsnip fries. Perfectly complemented by our tasty condiments 🚫🐄🍔😋 Check out her blog for the recipe!

927020 394112634064144 1172928091 a


We're proud to support @BrooklynBeefsteak as their partner in sauce. Gotta have BEER, gotta have BEEF, gotta have FUN! #brooklynbeefsteak #beefsteak #thebellhouse

85bc6c5cc18511e3b0240002c9c60652 6


This is what happens when @ketchupking goes to a baseball game. ⚾️🍅🙌

10009893 535940089859480 358730796 a


Honored to be working with the Lower East Side institution @schillersliquorbar who snapped this fetching photo. #protip: Get the brisket patty melt and the moules-frites. 🍔🐚🍟

10012464 670141343023392 1601944344 a


Newly minted signage inside @BFBhighline - serving the most handsome and delicious burgers right off the Highline in NYC at 55 Gansevoort St. 🍔 #highline #burgers #nyc

10004294 689466607778900 2026605045 a


Regram from @nycdining who stopped by our new HQ to pick up her condiment supply for the week 💁🍅👨 #addiction #hurtssogood #bulk

E8c8be90bb4a11e385151259693d2e2e 6


At @rochellesnyc they take two things seriously: their hamburgers and their partying. 🍔🎈🙌 Co-owner @daddydoitall posted up with a @chefjuliagersuk masterpiece