Sir Kensington’s presents: “fries of new york”
Classic Ketchup Quartet
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Classic Ketchup Quartet

Already acquainted with ketchup? Think again: Sir Kensington’s Classic Ketchup boasts a surprisingly short list of wholesome ingredients like crushed tomatoes, raw sugar, and a tangy blend of vinegar and spices. It’s ketchup, you see, only more so—a lively, all-natural alternative made with the ingredients nature intended.

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Save 15% + Infinite Condimentry

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"Just had the ketchup of @sirkensington at @peelsnyc, it has changed my life vis-a-vis ketchup and fries."
- @arishahdadi
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"@TheBIGCafeteria Give your thanks to @sirkensington for making such a freaking delicious ketchup"
- @bespokepost
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"I will never buy any other ketchup again."
- @momconfessional
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"Wanted to let ya'll know that @sirkensington ketchup is legit delicious."
- @BrettPain
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"A friend told me @sirkensington is "epic." He wasn't wrong. True game-changer. #phenomenal"
- ‏@domnicella
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"Recently tried your ketchup for the first time! #newaddiction"
- ‏@lexxfazio
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"Now Im a believer. And want to help others believe."
- Kim Naci
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"I think I just fell in love with a condiment though."
- @Thealoves
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